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Residential Intruder Alarms

By far the most common and yet still the most effective security system is the Intruder Alarm.

The idea of an intruder alarm is to simply try and deter a potential burglary occurring at your house, and to an extent it works a treat. After all if your house is alarmed and another up the road isn’t then your home is less of a target.

At Safe Simple Secure we don’t believe in using scare tactics to sell our services, but the following is fact. A successful break-in to a house can and usually does have a devastating effect on the people living there. Privacy invasion, loss of valuables and usually worst of all loss of items that can’t be replaced. Remember a would-be burglar doesn’t care about the things that are special to you.

The installation of Intruder Alarm Systems, complying with the relevant British and European Standards, remains our core business. We pride ourselves in installing equipment that is made to a high standard, reliable and cost effective. As we are approved installers of the Security Systems & Alarms Inspection Board (SSAIB), we must install equipment which conforms to the latest British and European standards.

We design and install a variety of alarm and security systems, according to the needs of your home. We are happy to advise you as to which system would be best for you. All our alarm systems are scalable and adaptable, and we will design each system to accommodate your security needs and advise you on the areas of your home that we feel to be most at risk.

We can provide protection 24/7 through a monitored system or through an app on your smartphone you can manage, set and view your system.  


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