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Our Commercial Fire Detection

Fires are by far the most destructive and disruptive cause of damage to business. Fire is probably the most catastrophic event a building is likely to experience and carries with it not just a threat to property but to the occupants also.

The prevention of fire requires you to be aware of the risks and to employ practices that reduce that risk.

Safe Simple Secure offer a full system design service for fire alarms coupled with a highly trained technical support team on hand to answer all technical queries.

It is important that all fire safety equipment will operate when called upon, therefore fire systems and appliances have to be maintained in accordance with national codes of practice and to the manufacturers recommendations.

All fire systems and products are maintained regularly in accordance with national standards, statutory requirements and best practice.

Safe Simple Secure commitment to the customer is our prime consideration. All our work is carried out to the relevant British Standards (BS5839), which is the code of practice for system design, installation and servicing for fire detection for general buildings.

With all fire systems design, the local authorities should be consulted prior to any installation work being carried out.

There are different levels of protection as stated by the British Standards, which are all meet by our systems. These include property and life protection.

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